Lip Enhancement


One of the most common procedures we perform are lip injections for lip plumping or lip augmentation. Clients have these treatments to restore lost volume, define the lip border or correcting asymmetries. Very few people are born symmetrical and are very pleased to have a natural symmetrical looking pout when having lip filler treatment. At Burnside Cosmetic we don’t offer “trout pout” as we don’t appreciate the artificial look. Oversized lips are also not appropriate for our clients. Dr Chris prides himself in his work and is a perfectionist when it comes to balance and symmetry.

Dr Chris will spend time to discuss and perform the lip filler treatment to ensure you have the right look for your anatomy and age. Together, you will decide on a treatment plan that is suitable for you. Most clients will need an initial treatment and a follow-up treatment within the first year depending on the cosmetic effect they are after and their anatomy. Dr Chris can also perform the “lip flip” which is a treatment for those who would like eversion of their upper lip for a more pronounced pout.

Lip Enhancement

How We are Different


Personalised & Descreet

The focus is on you and your treatment outcomes. Dr Chris and Nurse Claire pride themselves on offering a professional, personalized and discreet service in a welcoming environment.


Doctor Always Onsite

In this largely de-regulated industry, you can rest assured that at Burnside Cosmetic, you are supported by a fully qualified medical team with Dr Chris always being on site. Having an experienced doctor on site gives extra peace of mind when having any cosmetic procedure.


Afterhours Appointments

Because we are passionate about what we do, Burnside Cosmetic offers after hours appointments to those who work or are busy during normal business hours. Our clients appreciate our flexibility to have treatments to suit their busy schedule.

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