Chris and Claire Koulus

Offering a number of  beauty treatments from cosmetic enhancements and laser fat reduction to skin rejuvenation, Dr Chris & Claire Koulos, the duo behind Burnside Cosmetic, understand the importance of looking and feeling your best everyday. With so many new procedures and services on the market, we chat to Dr Chris and Claire about their clinic, the types of services available and top beauty tips.

“We met while I was working for a pharmaceutical company promoting Viagra,” laughs Claire, who is now a nurse. “Dr Chris was in family practice at the time; that was 11 years ago!” The attraction was instant, and what followed was a whirlwind romance, a wedding and, of course, their very own clinic.

“We have always been passionate about the aesthetic market and about expressing our creativity together,” says Claire.
“We were at the stage in our lives when everything in the universe finally lined up. Our dream was to create a bespoke clinic and revolutionise the aesthetic industry. A true fully medical clinic that offered a wide range of services ranging from life-saving skin cancer checks to laser treatments using the most advanced technology and cosmetic injectables performed with the utmost care. We were having a coffee at Burnside Village shortly after returning from our Santorini wedding and we looked up at the balcony, saw a suite space that was vacant and simultaneously said to each other, ‘that’s the spot’! The rest is history.”

“Since then, the industry has evolved immensely,” says Dr Chris. “New technologies present themselves all the time. We can now remove tattoos safely and effectively without excruciating pain. We can permanently destroy fat cells with no downtime, making
it a lunchtime treatment. We can significantly reduce cellulite and we can remove spider veins with a zap of a laser like a magic eraser. We can replace lost volume in someone’s face and soften wrinkles. Clients often underestimate the changing requirements
of ageing skin; we talk to our clients about what they want to achieve and about ways they can stimulate their skin as they get older. We are extremely honest with our clients and this is reflected in how they are treated. For both of us it’s about achieving perfect results and having happy clients.”

Quick Questions

Biggest skin mistake people make… assuming injectables are scary;
in reality, if done correctly, no one should know what you’ve done!

Best anti-ageing tip… avoid the harsh sun, and have a good home skincare regime.

Must-have beauty product… the regular application of retinol can go a long way in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can reverse some of the effects of sun damage.